Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tiny Teddy Croutons

I had to prepare something that required very little morning prep as I had to leave early in the morning for an appointment, so a very simple lunch today.  Beef-a-Roni in her thermos, tossed salad with ranch in the little orange container, applesauce and some tiny teddy garlic croutons.

Preparation notes: In the evening I prepared the salad and dressing, put the applesauce in the little container, and threw that in the fridge, just need to toss it in the lunchbox in the morning with an ice pack.  I made the croutons, let them cool and put them in a container straight into the lunchbox.  Just preheat some water in the microwave and pour into the thermos to preheat it while I'm getting ready .  Then 1 minute for the pasta and into the thermos.  About 3 minutes in the morning and lunch is ready to go.

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