Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simple chicken soup & a thermos wrap

Chicken vegetable soup in the thermos, with some grapes, goldfish and I sliced and mixed up a small red and orange tomato from the garden.  Tomatoes are almost done for the season and N'Anna loves 'em.  Stuck a small yellow pear tomato in the middle.  Just realized the bunny pick in the back is turned around.  Threw the cute l'il animal picks in the grapes for something cute.

I made a thermal wrap for her thermos so I can throw both hot and cold in her lunch box.  I keep the grapes and tomatoes in the fridge overnite so they are still cool by lunch.

For the thermal wrap, I bought a used soft sided cooler at a junk store for a couple of dollars and cut a piece just the size to wrap around her thermos.  Then I sewed a cute fabric scap over top to hold it all together, and zig zag stitched some bias tape around the edge.  I then stitched on a piece of velcro to hold around the thermos.  It works great - keeps her soup hot, and the cold stuff is still cool by lunch.

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  1. Cute lunch! I love your wrap idea!

  2. Thank you!

    And, I appreciate your comment! You are my first one. :)

  3. *raises hand* Also a fan of the wrap... :)

  4. Thank you Silverwing. Checked out your blog, too. Very nice, and I see you are having a giveaway. In case anyone's interested - check out her giveaway here:

  5. The lunch wrap is genius!