Friday, February 1, 2013

Strawberry Bear

Lunch today is Beefaroni in the thermos, a little cream cheese and strawberry jelly bear sandwich, string cheese, cherry tomatoes and grapes.

I ran across a sweet bento blog, Karenwee's Bento Diary, the other day, and she's got a tutorial for making sandwiches with an egg mold.  Here's the link:  Her blog is lovely, and her lunches are really fabulous!  I used a bear egg mold for a little strawberry sandwich.  My bread was a little airy, so some of the cream cheese and jelly is peeking out here and there, but I still think it turned out darling.


  1. sweet of u Leslie!! Thanks for the linked up (*¯︶¯*) The bear just adorable!! You can try out other molds too!! And Thank you so much for liking & reading my blog. Hugs!

    1. You're welcome! Looking forward to more tutorials on your blog. :)