Friday, January 18, 2013

Butterflies - and some local bento shopping finds

Butterflies today.  We have a hot dog with cheesy broccoli rice, cucumber butterflies, cinnamon applesauce and three little Hello Kitty cookies.

Shopping tip:  I put together a "Fun Lunch Pack" gift basket for a charity silent auction to benefit N'Anna's school today.  I found some really great deals on some lunch products and thought I'd share.

Toys-R-Us had all of their remaining lunch products on clearance, and I picked up a cute thermal lunch box and a thermos super cheap.

I stopped into an Everything's a $1 store and they had some great locking lid, leakproof food containers in a bunch of shapes, sizes and colors.  Some of them even had the freeze pack that snaps into the lid.  I picked up several for my gift basket, and several for us - for $1 a piece!  They also had sandwich crust cutters in three different shapes.

I ran into my TJ Maxx store for something entirely different, and near the check out counter was a whole display full of bento boxes and various food containers.  I picked up a bento box just for me.  It was a clear locking lid style box with a divided top tray for just under $5.  They had more traditional style divided and stacking bento boxes in lots of bright colors for great prices.

Happy shopping!

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