Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Flowery Bento

Lots of little flowers today.  Chicken noodle soup in her thermos.  Flower shaped mini-grilled cheese sandwiches, sugar snap peas, and flower yellow apple bites.  Dressed it up a tiny bit with ladybug and bee picks.

A little note on preparation - I cut out the little cheese sandwiches in the evening and place them in her lunch box.  In the morning, I use a tiny egg skillet and grill up the sandwiches with some no fat butter spray.  I let them cool completely on a cooling rack before I put them back in the container.  When I'm cutting up the apple the night before, I drop the pieces into a bowl of half water, half lemon juice.  They always still look nice by lunch.  I usually keep the extra cut apple pieces for me to snack on or throw into a spinach salad.


  1. How do you cut the apples so cute?

    1. This time I used a vegetable cutter. I bought it from a website that carries bento supplies. But I've done it in the past with small metal cookie cutters. You cut the apple in half - press the cookie cutter in, then cut it apart and cut the core from the bottom. Hope that makes sense.