Friday, September 21, 2012

Spelling Word - H A T

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and Daddy took N'Anna to her gymnastics class so I could stay home and rest.  Afterwards, they went to Olive Garden because she said she wanted spaghetti.  Apparently, she only ate salad and bread, because all of the spaghetti came home.  She told me as she handed me the box that she wanted the spaghetti in her lunch, and oranges.  She just had oranges, but I if that's what she wants, ok.  I was out of regular oranges, so a mandarin orange cup will have to do.

I decided to toss together a salad to go with, and we haven't done a spelling word this week - so, Kindergarten spelling word H A T.  Lettuce salad with carrot shreds, cherry tomatoes, and cheese H A T.  Threw a cute hat pick on a little Babybel cheese girl and lunch was done.  Just need to warm up the spaghetti and put it in the thermos in the morning.

Kinda' like it when she knows exactly what she wants!  A welcome relief since I'm not feeling the best.

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